Pastor Scott Sutton is Sr. Pastor of New Life Ministries in New Madrid, Missouri. He has pastored at New Life with his wife Angi since 1999. He had previously attended Life Church and began attending New Life Ministries in 1997. He assumed pastoral duties of New Life in 1999. He currently lives in Sikeston, Missouri and is the owner of Scott Sutton Electric Company.

Pastor Sutton is a Bible preaching, faith believing, Holy Spirit filled non-denominational minister with a heart for the lost. He has a desire to reach not only those in our region but the world. His passion for seeing souls saved and lives changed has compelled him to teach, advise, consult and mentor for nearly three decades. He has a sincere heart for hands-on ministry to those engulfed in addiction and those lost in the world. His desire to help others find salvation and develop their full spiritual potential permeates every aspect of his ministry.

To contact Pastor Scott Sutton, please call (573) 475-0582.

Additional contact information is as follows:



Mailing Address: 343 US Highway 61 S., New Madrid, MO  63869

Phone: (573) 748-5433


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