A Sinner’s Prayer
(I John 1:8-10)

Lord, I admit that I’m not good, I’ve messed up my life real bad;
Never given You the time of day, Never thanked You, never been glad.

I’m sickened with my foolishness, And ashamed of the way I’ve been.
Please could You forgive me, Lord, Wipe away this load of sin?

I’m not very good with word, Lord; Just know how I feel deep inside.
I took all this world had to offer, I was cruel and filled up with pride.

Every nigh is a haunting shadow, And I plagues me all the day.
I need You, Lord, to make things right, And teach me how to pray.

I need to be a new person, Lord. The old one is too much to bear.
Please come into my heart and soul, Give me a reason to love and care.

I’m weary Lord, I need Your strength. There’s nothing left here inside me.
Please take this broken person, Lord, Change my life and set me free.

—Maxine J. Waddington


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